Thursday, May 20, 2010

New beginning

Despite semantic tension of the title which I consider a bit oxymoronic (if the beginning is "new" it implies there has been "older" one already, thus it is not really a "beginning"), it refers to something purely technical. So far I've been blogging at - Mad programmer's cave. Initially I decided to have one blog, but publish in two languages - polish which is my mother tongue and english (actually I consider blogging as a way of improving competence in non-native language). Most of the posts concerned some aspects of programming and IT related topics. There were also some posts completely unrelated to IT, but attached with philosophy, religions, or art labels.

I decided to leave purely technical content in the "cave" (Plato's?) and publish here all the rest which can be simply described as "the contents of my mind which is not related to computers or at least does not refer directly to any practical aspects of handling machines". I will also publish on analogous polish blog at